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Why Recommend PediflorKidz?

PediflorKidz is the only toothpaste with right amount of xylitol (10%) and 458 ppm fluoride

Only PediflorKidz toothpaste is available in 4 flavors – Green Apple, Melon, Bubble Gum and Natural Orange flavor which makes brushing interesting and helps children form a good oral hygiene regime

Fluoride present in PediflorKidz helps reduces plaque and dental caries

Fluoride in PediflorKidz inhibits tooth demineralization, promotes remineralization and prevents acid attack on their enamel

PediflorKidz creates and encloses interesting activities with each package to help making brushing fun. Check inside every PediflorKidz carton.


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Abhaya is a pan-India project committed to creating awareness on the importance of women’s oral health & ways to improve their overall health. It is led by the Indian Dental Association and supported by Group Pharma.
We are here to light every women’s smile in the country

PediflorKidz is a specially designed toothpaste for children to prevent cavities and fight tooth decay. It is the only toothpaste with 10% Xylitol and 458 ppm Fluoride guaranteed in every tube.